What is a longevity diet?

Longevity diet was introduced  by a scientist from California named Valter longo. Longo says if we follow the longevity diet we can increase our life around 10- 20 years more. Longo says this diet not only stretches our life but it provides a healthy life and prevents us from various health diseases. In this diet … Read more

What is a CICO diet?

Full form of CICO is calorie in calorie out, in this diet calories are tracked in both forms: number of calories you take in a day and number of calories you burnout in a day.  How to follow a CICO diet? As the name of diet itself tells us that the actual meaning of CICO … Read more

What is a mono diet?

Mono diet is a diet wherein only one type of food item or food group is added into our diet consistently for 1-2 weeks of period time. Once we select a particular food item/ food group we cannot include any other type of food into our ongoing mono diet.  How to follow a mono diet? … Read more

What is ‘Mind diet’?

Our mind is the most important part of our body. Mind has its own functions, to fulfill all the functions properly our mind should be healthy and fit. To keep our mind healthy and active we do various activities in our day today life such as yoga, meditation, physical exercises etc. For any kind of … Read more

Advantages & disadvantages of no-sodium diet

Why is sodium necessary for our body? Sodium plays an important role in maintaining our health. 3 main functions of sodium are: Advantages of no-sodium diet No-sodium diet was prescribed by the medical experts to cure some of the health conditions and diseases such as: Disadvantages of no-sodium diet How much sodium is important in … Read more

What is intermittent fasting 16:8?

We all need to maintain our body weight to have a good and well maintained figure of the body. For that we regularly look out for new techniques and methods to lose body weight. Diet is the most popular and trending way of reducing weight, one of the most trending diets nowadays is intermittent fasting … Read more

What is an OMAD diet?

OMAD diet is a diet wherein you can only take ‘one meal a day’ this makes the diet special different from all the other diets. Normally in a day we take 3 meals but in OMAD we can take one meal a day, that to we must complete our meal within an hour. In that … Read more