What is intermittent fasting 16:8?

We all need to maintain our body weight to have a good and well maintained figure of the body. For that we regularly look out for new techniques and methods to lose body weight. Diet is the most popular and trending way of reducing weight, one of the most trending diets nowadays is intermittent fasting 16:8. 

What is intermittent fasting 16:8? 

Intermittent fasting is the most commonly used term nowadays. Intermittent fasting is done for various reasons, some adopt it for weight loss and some to control diabetes. Intermittent fasting has a range of diet plans including such as 20:4, 18:6, 16:8 etc. one of the most important and demanding one is plan 16:8.

16:8 is the most commonly used easy and sustainable plan. This plan is divided into two different windows one is the eating/feasting window of 8 hours wherein you can eat your normal routine food, second is the fasting window of 16 hours wherein you cannot consume any type of food. 

In the eating window of 8 hours you can only take some of the selective food products. 16:8 plan means if you finish your last meal of the day at 7 p.m you take your next meal at 11a.m.

Food to eat and avoid?

During your eating window it’s not that you can eat anything you need to. You need to take care of certain things to manage your diet in mannered orders. The most important and role playing factors are diet should be well managed and healthy  secondly your diet must be a low calorie diet.

During the fasting window you can take liquid proportions such as plain water, tea without sugar, coffee without adding sugar, black tea, green tea etc. make sure you do not include sugary products in your diet during the fasting window. In this period calorie rich foods and sugary dense foods are prohibited strictly to get good results of the diet.

Who can do intermittent fasting 16:8?

  • One who needs to manage their weight
  • One wants to reduce weight
  • Suffering from obesity
  • Suffering from type 2 diabetes and is in need of weight control
  • It helps in reducing oxidative stress

Who should avoid intermittent fasting 16:8?

In some cases intermittent fasting is not recommended by the experts in conditions such as:

  • Patients of gestational diabetes
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Period of lactation
  • Period of adolescence
  • If going through a long term disease
  • Chronic illness

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