What is an OMAD diet?

OMAD diet is a diet wherein you can only take ‘one meal a day’ this makes the diet special different from all the other diets. Normally in a day we take 3 meals but in OMAD we can take one meal a day, that to we must complete our meal within an hour. In that particular hour you can whatever you need to to eat. 

If you get hungry after that you cannot take any meals. Instead you can drink plain water, black tea, black coffee and lemon water without adding an amount of sugar to it. You cannot add any type of sugary product to this liquid proportions. 

Is this diet effective in weight loss?

Before inheriting any diet we often ask a question whether it is effective enough or not. So the answer to this is yes, if diet is followed as per the advice. 

OMAD is effective in weight loss as the diet we take in the whole day routine is just a single meal. Our stomach has some limit of capacity to consume food at a time, so you cannot take extra food and store it in your stomach for the future. Out of the total quantity of whole day food we can only eat one third portion, so our level of meals is highly decreased. So it’s quite clear that our weight will also decrease due to the decreased quantity of meals. 

Is the OMAD diet safe?

Usually it is seen that doctors mostly avoid suggesting this diet. As of now scientific studies and research are not clear enough. If I see it is a type of intermittent fasting in which we dispute the time of meal. 

It is considered to be risky if done for a long term. As the regular fasting of two main meals causes a lack of protein, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in our body. As one meal a day cannot fulfill the needed amounts of nutrients as per the daily need in our body. 

OMAD may not show any side effects when undergoing the diet but it can show side effects in future, may be when you have shifted on your regular diet routine. Usually it causes tiredness, lack of blood in the body, weakened bones etc. makes this diet risky for the health of the human body. 

Safe ways to reduce weight?

There are several ways to reduce weight in a healthy manner. There are several diets available that promise to reduce weight without any side effects but there are various other ways available let us discuss them. 

Our weight gain and weight loss both factors depend upon the food we eat. There are food products which are rich in  such nutrients that help in gaining weight. Also nutrients are available that are responsible for weight loss. To reduce weight we just need to make a list of healthy diet plans. 

Second and most effective factor responsible for weight loss is regular exercise of at least 30-45 minutes. Exercises such as walking, running, jogging, skipping, outdoor games etc. 

Keeping your body completely hydrated is one of the most important and role playing factors not only for weight loss but to keep you healthy. 

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