What is a mono diet?

Mono diet is a diet wherein only one type of food item or food group is added into our diet consistently for 1-2 weeks of period time. Once we select a particular food item/ food group we cannot include any other type of food into our ongoing mono diet. 

How to follow a mono diet?

There are no strict rules and regulations to skip meals or avoid snack timing. The only criteria to follow is to select only one food item/ food group and you can only consume that for the whole day. If you have chosen fruits in your diet then you cannot include any other type of food in your diet. You can only consume all types of fruits in breakfast, lunch and dinner, even if you want to have snacks you can take only fruits and nothing else. 

If you choose eggs in your diet, then you can only take egg based food items in your diet and no other food items such as grains, rice, dal, bread etc. Once you select a particular food item/ food group you must stick to it strictly for  good and quick results. 

Benefits of mono diet

If one wants to reduce weight loss rapidly then a mono diet is the best option. In this diet a rapid weight loss session starts and provides results within 1-2 weeks. 

Side effects

Mono diet is said to be the perfect one for weight loss but if you talk about the side effects, then side effects are more than benefits. The main and most effecting side effects is deficiency of all the other nutrients which are very important for our healthy body functioning. 

For example if you are on a fruit diet then you’ll be able to fulfill the need of vitamins and minerals in the body but on the other hand you’ll face deficiency of essential carbohydrate and proteins in the body. And deficiency of such proteins in the body can cause various other side effects and disorders in the body.

Similarly if you’re on an egg diet then your body will get fats and proteins but there will be a deficiency of essential minerals and vitamins which will directly result in several immunity disorders.

Common food groups of mono diet

  • Fruit diet
  • Vegan diet
  • Dairy diet
  • Egg diet
  • Cereal diet

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