Can vitamin D deficiency lead to cancer?

Vitamin D maintains the level of calcium and phosphorus in the body and calcium & phosphorus helps strengthen the bones and muscles of the heart, also helps in the production of insulin. Vitamin D deficiency causes weakened bones, sleep disorders, pain in bones and muscles. 

From where do we get vitamin D?

Vitamin D includes 2 different biodatas D2 and D3. 

D2 is called ergocalciferol which is found in the food items we eat such as fortified foods, fish, eggs etc. This are also found in the plants mainly in mushrooms 

D3 is called cholecalciferol which makes our skin with the help of sun rays. This vitamin D is made by skin and kidney functions upon it to make it suitable for our body.

Can vitamin D deficiency lead to cancer?

According to the epidemiology studies the differences noticed in the cancerous people of northern latitudes and southern latitudes were connected to vitamin D.

In southern latitude the sun rays are more, which results in a good amount of vitamin D in people living in those areas and it also decreases the risk of some cancers such as colorectal cancer and urinary bladder cancer. Similarly in northern latitude sunrays arise for a very short time and this results in lack of vitamin D in people living in those areas. 

When these studies started and trials were done on rats and rodents, in results we found that good amounts of vitamin D helps reduce the growing cells of cancer in the body, it also destroys the cancerous cells which are already present and it stops the blood supply to cancer cells which are need of blood to stay alive. 

Also it was noticed that increased levels of vitamin D in the body also results in the cause of some cancers, one of the most common ones is prostate cancer. As we saw there are both conditions involved in causing cancer and reducing the risk of cancer. But it totally depends on the level of vitamin D present in your body.

It’s very important to maintain the level of vitamin D because there are side effects of less vitamin D and also if vitamin D is high in the body. If you face any symptom which matches with the vitamin D deficiency, get the test done immediately and if the test shows vitamin deficiency in the body do not take over the counter medicines to cure it. Instead consult with the experts and take medications advised by them because the increased vitamin D also has its own side effects on the health and body. 

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