Food to eat for a healthy kidney?

Chronic kidney diseases are one of the most commonly spreading diseases among all the age group people. Kidney stones, kidney failure, improper functioning of kidneys etc. are the most commonly faced problems by today’s youth. In such a situation the very common question that arises to one’s mind is ‘what to eat and avoid for a healthy kidney?’.

The food we consume in our day today is all majors upon our health and all the organs of the body. Diet we take in our daily routine is the most essential and role playing factor for our health. Whenever we suffer from any kind of health problem, the very first thing advised is food products to eat and to avoid as this works to boost our immunity and if the intake of food is unhealthy it pulls us towards various health issues. 

8 foods to eat for a healthy kidney

Apples- apples contain good amounts of antioxidants which are capable of keeping the kidney healthy. It also contains several minerals and vitamins which are very beneficial for our body. When eating apples for good kidney health you can add a bit of lemon and salt on the top of the slices, this will help your kidney remain healthy and also provide you with taste. 

Red grapes- red grapes contain lower amounts of potassium, sodium and phosphorus, so kidney patients must take lower amounts of red grapes but the people with healthy kidney can consume it on a regular basis.

Berries-  berries are rich in various proteins and nutrients which are very important for our body. This also works upon the antioxidants and helps keep the kidney healthy. Among berries blueberry is considered to be the best for a healthy kidney, as it contains good amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Red bell pepper-  this comes into the category of 6 superfoods containing folic acid, vitamin A and vitamin B6. Potassium is also present in it but in very few amounts so people with normal kidney can consume it regularly, but one with kidney condition must take it in a few amounts. 

Citrus fruits-  oranges and lemons contain enough vitamin C, which is essential for the kidney. Lemon water helps prevent kidney stones but this is worth it for them whose kidney is functioning normally. One suffering from any kind of kidney problem must avoid this.

Kel- kel comes from the cabbage community and is rich in vitamin A, C and other important nutrients. They also contain minerals and vitamins which are essential for a healthy kidney. So people who want to keep their kidney healthy must add kel to their diet in good amounts.

Sweet potatoes- it contains several types of vitamins and minerals, the process of their breakdown is very gradual, which is beneficial for the kidney but also helps in weight loss.

Garlic- provides range of nutritional benefits and rich in vitamin B6 and manganese which are capable of keeping kidney healthy and normalize the functioning of kidney. 

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