What is Lyme disease?

Lyme diseases caused due to the bacteria called borrelia burgdorferi, lyme disease is very rarely found in india. Every year 3-4 thousands cases are registered in India for lyme disease. It is most commonly found in America and 30-40 thousand cases are registered every year. The first case of lyme disease was also captured in the american village named lyme and so the disease was also named as the lyme disease. 

This bacteria is found in rats and deers, it is most commonly found in the special type of a tick which is also called exodus and deer tick. When this ticks bites any animal or humans, bacteria gets transmitted into their body. The bacteria only inserts another body when a tick stays attached to their body for 24 hours of period time. If a tick just gives a single bite and flies away then there’s zero chances of causing lyme disease/ inserting the bacteria to another body. 

It is noticed that in India there’s no proper knowledge about lyme disease among doctors and patients both, and this can be the reason for lower cases of lyme disease. It becomes difficult to diagnose the disease because it has 3 different stages and more than 300 symptoms. Which is enough to confuse patients and usually patients think that they may be suffering from a type of allergy. So they  just take over the counter medicines of allergy and ignore the symptoms and disease without consulting the doctors. 


Lyme disease is also known by the name of ‘Great memekar’ because it is the disease with the highest number of symptoms. 

The place where tick bites, a rash occurs which is called erythema migraine, it spreads slowly and can reach the size of 12 inches. This rash is painless and itching free but when we touch the rash it feels warm.

Some of the common symptoms of lyme disease at the early stage are fever, headache, swollen lymph nord, bodyache, thundering etc. if a patient gets correct treatment over this stage then it can be cured easily. But if they fail to get treatment then it proceeds to the further stage which is called chronic lyme disease. 

In chronic lyme disease different types of rashes occur on the body, patients may face heart rhythm problems, pain & swelling in joints & muscles. The most dangerous part of lyme disease is involvement of the brain which can result in meningitis, peripheral neurotherapy, facial palsy etc. 


  • Were full body covering clothes while moving into the areas where ticks are found.
  • Use insect repellent 
  • Take bath immediately after entering the house 
  • Check whether any tick is stuck on the body or clothes

Diagnosis & treatment 

Antibodies test is done in person suffering from such symptoms or having tick exposure. This antibody test is available in very few labs only. Once it is diagnosed treatment easy very easy and can be done with the simple antibiotics such as doxycycline and azithromycin. But this antibiotics are effective at the early stage of lyme disease. If a patient is suffering from chronic lyme disease then these antibiotics don’t work in healing the patient. 

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