What is a CICO diet?

Full form of CICO is calorie in calorie out, in this diet calories are tracked in both forms: number of calories you take in a day and number of calories you burnout in a day. 

How to follow a CICO diet?

As the name of diet itself tells us that the actual meaning of CICO is to calculate the amount of calories we take and we burn out daily. So the very first step is to meet the experts such as dietitian/ nutritionist, so they can tell us the daily calorie requirements. Each person’s calorie requirements vary so do not start it by looking at the net or people doing around you. 

Calorie requirements are calculated through the basic metabolism rate (BMR). so it’s very important to start the diet under the supervision of experts only. Once we get to know the actual need of calories in the body and the amount of calories to eliminate daily, we can make a meal/diet chart accordingly.

Food items in the CICO diet are advised by the experts themselves after tracking the BMR. They include food items containing fewer calories in comparison to the calories you burn out daily. There will be many who’ll be following the CICO diet but their food items may not be the same, as this is advised according to the calories you burnout daily.

Does the CICO diet work?

If the CICO diet is followed in the proper way and under supervision of a dietitian then the answer is yes, CICO does work in weight loss and it can provide good results of weight loss in a short time. 

Side effects of CICO

Each and every diet available in the market has their own pros and cons. There’s no diet available that has no side effects, all have side effects, some have more and some have fewer. 

One of the most affecting and disappointing side effects of CICO is the weight loss you did while following the diet. After 4-5 months you’ll face the problem of doubled weight gain in your body. The only cause for this is the normal pattern of our calorie intake and inability to burn out calories, which you use to burn when following the diet. So the intake of extra calories results in such situations and you face double the amount of weight gain.

Due to the sudden and excessive weight gain we may get surrounded by diseases caused due to obesity such as increased blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, heart disease etc.

Benefits of CICO

  • Helps in reducing weight loss
  • Easy to follow diet
  • It’s very flexible at a time
  • Weight loss helps in controlling various other health diseases 

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