What is peripheral artery disease?

In our body blood pumping is done by the heart, when it pumps blood it supplies to all the parts of the body. Blood travels through the blood vessels are called arteries. Whole network of the artery in the body is divided into three different parts such as, stomach, chest, brain and periphery which includes legs and hands. Condition of narrowed blood vessels present in hands and legs is called peripheral artery disease.


Most commonly peripheral artery diseases take place due to the medical condition called atherosclerosis. In this condition cholesterol and calcium strats stucking in the blood vessels which results in the narrowing of blood vessels slowly and at the stage it blocks down totally. 

Less common causes can be inflammation in blood vessels, radiation exposure, injury in legs or hands etc.


  • Claudication is the very first symptom of peripheral artery disease but in patients of diabetes this symptom may not arise, as the sensation in their muscles is weaker due to reasons.
  • Rest pain 
  • Blackening of fingers hands and legs
  • May cause gangerin 
  • Infection 
  • Weakness in legs and arms
  • Pain in hands and legs
  • Numbness 
  • Coldness in legs and foot
  • Erectile dysfunction 

Risk factors

  • Diabetic patient have high chances of causing peripheral artery disease
  • One suffering from Blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol level in body
  • Aging can be one reason if you’re above 65 years 
  • Homocysteine 
  • Overweight


  • If suffering from diabetes, blood pressure or high cholesterol, bring it in control as soon as possible with correct treatment. 
  • Avoid smoking
  • Maintain your body weight 
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle by including healthy diets and doing regular exercise


Treatment for peripheral artery disease depends on the stage of disease. If the disease is diagnosed in the early stage it can be treated with help of medications but if you have reached the advanced stage then there’s a need to increase the blood flow immediately. 

Blood flow can be increased in two different methods: first is endovascular and second is bypass surgery. In endovascular blood vessels are complexed by the baloning process, stent or angioplasty and bypass surgery is performed when blockages are more than 80%. 

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