What is Proteinuria?

Leakage of protein into urine, this condition is called proteinuria. In a human body, the kidneys are the filters of our body, they function to filter waste products from the body and throughout through urine. 

In our body whole blood goes under the filtration process but the kidneys have capacity to hold up good things and throughout waste products only. It’s  quite simple, protein is not found in our urine, it is only found in a particular limit which is very normal. If protein is occurring with your urine then it’s a clear symptom of unhealthy kidneys. 


Protein leakage into urine is found in various conditions in some disease and health problems such as: Diabetes and High blood pressure.  

Second most common leakage of protein into urine is found in pregnant ladies around the 5th-6th month of pregnancy and the condition is called preeclampsia. This can be very harmful for mother and child both, it’s important to take treatment as soon as possible.

Third common cause is nephrotic syndrome. In this condition the level of protein leakage is really high which is around 3.50 grams or sometimes more than this. If the condition takes place in childrens it is easy to cure but if the same condition is in adults it takes a long term to cure fully. 


Simple Urine tests will let you know the amount of protein leakage in urine. If the level of leakage is more than normal, doctors advise for a urine protein creatinine ratio of 24 hours. Then other tests of the kidney are done such as blood test, ultrasound and creatinine test. 


  • Control sugar level
  • Control blood pressure
  • Do not stay longer with any kidney disease get it treated as early as you can 
  • Trace your pregnancy with regular checkups and have healthy pregnancy
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco
  • Take good amounts of fiber
  • Do not consume extra amounts of protein 

Rare causes of proteinuria

  • Dehydration 
  • Kidney stone
  • Inflammation
  • Heart failure/disease
  • Trauma
  • Chronic disease
  • Acute disease

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