What is a food coma?

Food coma is a type of condition or disease that produces symptoms of laziness, weakness, sleepiness and tiredness immediately after having our lunch. 

We often experience or notice in our family after having our lunch meal we feel sleepy and tired enough. We feel like no energy is left in the body to do our routine work and we find a place or excuses to rest. These are very common symptoms in a human body and are easily seen in all the age group peoples. But it can be a health disorder if these symptoms are more than a limit and the disorder is called food coma.

What is a food coma?

Food coma is a health condition found in humans giving symptoms of sleepiness, tiredness and laziness after completing their day meals.  It is also known by other names such as postprandial sleep and after dinner deep.

Cause of food coma

According to experts and researchers the adjective cause of food coma is not yet cleared but people often give various myths and hypotheses upon the cause of food coma.

One of the most converted hypotheses is Adonis In oresin hypnotherapy. Whenever we eat our meal the level of glucose increases in our body, this glucose goes into the neural parkways of the brain and gets active which are hypothalamus and lateral hypothalamus. They sleep down the neurons of the brain which works to keep us active. This directly results in the increase in blood glucose of the body and activating pathways get decreased.

When we eat our meal the parasympathetic nervous system gets active and it sends a signal to all the other organs of the body to rest. This process takes place in all the human bodies but in some people it stimulates excessively and causes food coma.

Another theory of food coma cause is increased insulin. After eating our food insulin level increases and due to increased insulin the potassium present in our body enters into the cells, resulting in the lack of potassium in the body which makes us feel sleepy, tired and lazy.

Foods causing food coma

  • Foods  producing more glucose in body after their digestion
  • High glycemic food, these foods increase the amount of glucose in body after their absorption
  • Watermelon
  • Dairy products
  • Refined sugar
  • Potatoes
  • White rice
  • Pineapple 
  • Corn syrup
  • Curd 
  • Lassi 


  • Avoid overeating 
  • Decrease intake of high glycemic food 
  • Keep your diet balanced and healthy
  • Take equal proportion of carbohydrate, fiber, fat and protein
  • You can walk for 10-15 minutes after completing meals to avoid sleep
  • Stay in bright light room as the dark areas tend to feel as sleepy
  • Take a proper sleep during night
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol after or before having meal
  • Stay regularized with physical activities

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