What are mumps?

Mumps is a disease caused due to a virus called RNA, this virus gets transmitted from one person to another through air. If the affected person sneezes, coughs or breaths, the virus gets involved with air and while inhaling it can cause people standing nearby. Mumps usually affect the glands present on both sides of the face. It results in a swollen salivary gland which can be painful enough. 

Causes of mumps

One of the most common causes of mumps is missed MMR vaccine. MMR vaccines are not given to almost 50% of childrens in India because in government medicals MMR vaccines are not included whereas in private MMR is given. And MMR is essential for preventing mumps. 


Mumps starts with a fever; it can be sometimes mild and in some cases it can be high enough. Mumps can take place in any age group but it is the most common disease in childrens and adolescents. As we said mumps starts with the symptom of fever then in the second stage the swelling of salivary glands starts.

This swelling takes place on any side of the face but it can be in the salivary gland or peroxide gland or submandibular gland. Due to the swelling pain is very common in that particular gland and outer area also. Also patients face problems while opening their mouths which make it difficult to eat food. 


Only precaution for mumps is to take the MMR vaccine.

If anyone is suffering from the mumps disease make sure not to move out of the house as it is contagious disease. Till recovery make sure not to interrupt with new people and also maintain distance with your family members also to avoid causing mumps to them. 


Mumps usually get healed up within 5-7 days of period time and swelling also decreases. Once a patient is recovered they get immunized for lifetime from the mumps disease. But in some patients complications are noticed wherein meningitis takes place and patients face problems of vomiting and headache. 

Secondly pancreatitis can cause swelling in the pancreas and cause rapid & harsh stomachache. Another situation called orchitis can cause swelling in the testis and can result in infertility or sterility in future.


Treatment for mumps is very normal and rapid wherein doctors give paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets. As these medicines are quite effective to heal the disease. Also keep the body hydrated fully as dehydration can result in complications. 

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