Ringworms: causes, symptoms, precautions and treatment

What are ringworms?

Ringworms are an infection that affects the superficial layer of the skin, it can be seen worldwide but the range of ringworms causing it is really high in India. As these usually occur in the hot humid climate and India is one of the hottest countries. Ringworms are caused due to particular  fungi called dermatophytes.


Ringworms usually cause them whose immunity is weaker and do not keep the body clean enough. Secondly people suffering from diabetes and iron deficiency can get surrounded easily by ringworms. Ringworms can occur due to genetic causes, also it can be found among childrens and old age people too. It is a very common infection in tropical countries. 


Ringworms can occur on any part of the human body but most  frequently these take place on the exposed areas such as hands, legs, folds, underarms, neck, genitals etc. As per the name of the infection ringworms occur in the form of circular reddish coloured rashes. These rashes are really irritating and cause harsh itching especially during summers. 


Ringworms is a common and mild infection which can be treated easily with the help of creams and tablets. These courses can last for 2-3 weeks to cure 100%.

Sometimes many people prefer to take medicines from local chemists which can give you relief for a short time but in future it will arise again. This happens due to the mixture of steroids with antifungal. Steroid will not let ringworms cure permanently, it will only give you relief for short term. In some cases it can cause other serious problems also, so make sure to treat it under the guidance of a dermatologist only. 


  • Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid friction on the ringworms.
  • Keep your skin dry as the moisture will give birth to fungus. 
  • Keeping skin clean and tidy is very important.
  • Do not repeat socks or undergarments without washing.
  • If you’re sweetened after going to the gym or exercise make sure you take a shower and not let sweat dry on the body just as it is.

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