Advantages & disadvantages of no-sodium diet

Why is sodium necessary for our body? Sodium plays an important role in maintaining our health. 3 main functions of sodium are: Advantages of no-sodium diet No-sodium diet was prescribed by the medical experts to cure some of the health conditions and diseases such as: Disadvantages of no-sodium diet How much sodium is important in … Read more

What is intermittent fasting 16:8?

We all need to maintain our body weight to have a good and well maintained figure of the body. For that we regularly look out for new techniques and methods to lose body weight. Diet is the most popular and trending way of reducing weight, one of the most trending diets nowadays is intermittent fasting … Read more

What is an OMAD diet?

OMAD diet is a diet wherein you can only take ‘one meal a day’ this makes the diet special different from all the other diets. Normally in a day we take 3 meals but in OMAD we can take one meal a day, that to we must complete our meal within an hour. In that … Read more

What are hormones?

Hormones are those forms of chemicals which are released through the glands present in our body. Secondly there are neurotransmitters which work as messengers through blood. What are happy hormones? Among all the hormones present in our body some are happy hormones which help us to feel good, and uplifts our moods & well being. … Read more

What is motion sickness?

Whenever we are traveling or we are in a motion we experience nausea, vomiting and sweating and the condition is called motion sickness. When our body is moving or is in any type of movement, our brain gets information from three different places: what is the adjective position of our head. As we said, the … Read more

What is nephrotoxicity?

Kidneys function to filter the blood in our body and to make some hormones and enzymes which are very essential for the health of our body. Cells present in the kidney perform all the functionings of the kidney and these cells are called nephrons. When these nephrons start damaging due to the consumption of any … Read more

What is a food coma?

Food coma is a type of condition or disease that produces symptoms of laziness, weakness, sleepiness and tiredness immediately after having our lunch.  We often experience or notice in our family after having our lunch meal we feel sleepy and tired enough. We feel like no energy is left in the body to do our … Read more

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a protein in our body made by the muscles, creatinine is a waste produced by muscles and the kidney filters it out of the body. Due to the accumulation of creatinine in the body our kidney faces problems in functioning normally. What increases creatinine in the body? A very common cause of increased … Read more

What causes kidney stones?

Kidney stone is a very common problem in all the age groups, in some people the kidney stone arises again and again even after removing the stone. Kidney stones are of three different types: calcium oxalate which is found commonly, stone uric acid and stone calcium phosphate which are usually seen in the people having … Read more