How does stress age our body?

In humans there are two types of ages they go through chronological age and biological age. Chronological age tells us the age of our body in numbers/years and Biological age tells us what our body itself feels about its age. Stress directly affects our biological age very badly as the stress increases in our body and our biological age also increases in rapid form. These give body signs of unhealthy and old age. 

Effects of increased biological age?

With increase in biological age various diseases take place in the body such as B.P, diabetes and obesity. Due to the stress our body releases some chemicals and hormones that affect the cells of a human body. These chemicals and hormones stop the growth of cells and their functioning, And this whole process results in increased biological age. 

Due to the increased stress level in one’s body the cells functioning for protection of DNA and chromosomes gets affected, this is also one of the big causes of increasing biological age. Increasing Biological age is one of the factors seen in the human body but can be reversed with some lifestyle changes.

Other causes of increasing biological age 

  1. Increased sugar level
  2. Lifestyle changes
  3. Treatment of drugs
  4. Environmental exposures

How to reverse increasing biological age?

To control the rapid growth of biological age you need to be positive and indulge yourself into work you love to do or work that you enjoy. Very firstly you need to reduce stress level as the only cause of increasing biological age is stress. Make some changes in your lifestyle to make it healthy and happy. 

  • Take healthy diet to stay healthy 
  • Do exercise regularly as it helps to reduce stress and be positive
  • Meditation is the best way to keep yourself positive, as it throughs out all negativity
  • Give some time of your day to your hobbies
  • Always try something new to learn new things and for self happiness
  • Do not take much load of work or studies, maintain your work as per your capacity of doing things
  • Do not stay alone for longer periods spend time with your family and friends to release happy hormones in body

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