Everything about Kidney transplantation 

Kidney failure is a very common problem in India every almost 2lac people suffer from kidney failure and they are in need of a kidney donor. But among the ratio of 2 lacs only 5-6 thousands get the donors and rest of all die in need of kidney donors.  

Who needs to transplant a kidney?

When a person’s kidney fails totally and one needs dialysis to stay alive then he/she is in need of a kidney transplantation. Usually these patients register for the disease donors, disease donors are one who are dead and their kidneys are used for other patients who are in need. But disease donors are not that easy to find out and this is the very first way everyone tries to get kidney transplanted. Another way of kidney transplantation is kidney donors. Kidney donors are the one who donates their kidney to the patient with all their willingness. 

Who can donate a kidney?

In India there’s an act made for organ transplantation called Transplantation of human organs act. According to the act, first degree relatives of the patient can donate their kidney with their willingness. First degree relatives including father, mother, brother, sister, son and daughter can donate their organs to the patient with all their willingness. In the second category relatives like grandparents and grandchildren can also donate their organs to the patient.

Legally married spouses such as husband and wife are also eligible to donate organs. Then comes second and third degree relatives  such as friends, family friends or anyone close to family can donate organs to the patient. But second and third degree relatives are not permitted easily as the first degree relatives, they are interviewed through an authorization committee and then they are allowed to move for the further processor. 

Criterias donor must match with

There are some criterias to look upon before going for organ donation. 

  • Donors weight should be well maintained
  • If suffering from disease such as blood pressure, it should be in control
  • Donor shouldnt be the addicted of alcohol or smoking
  • Donor should have both the kidneys functioning both properly
  • Donors should not be suffering from any chronic disease. 

How is kidney transplantation done?

Very firstly willingness is taken from the donor, if he/she is really really for the donation of kidney or not and then all the medical formalities are started. In the medical formalities firstly a blood sample is taken to check the blood group. If the blood group of patient and donor is matching enough the better results it provides.

Kidney transplantation can be done with the incompatible blood groups also but if the blood group is matching then it is said to be better in results. When the blood group is incompatible the donor has to undergo a very detailed processor. 

If the donor is totally and physically fit, all their organs, systems, investigations are functioning well enough, ABO group is matching with the recipient and tissue typing of donor is also matching with the recipient than donor can transplant kidney without any risk factors.

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