Can vitamin D deficiency lead to cancer?

Vitamin D maintains the level of calcium and phosphorus in the body and calcium & phosphorus helps strengthen the bones and muscles of the heart, also helps in the production of insulin. Vitamin D deficiency causes weakened bones, sleep disorders, pain in bones and muscles.  From where do we get vitamin D? Vitamin D includes … Read more

What are hormones?

Hormones are those forms of chemicals which are released through the glands present in our body. Secondly there are neurotransmitters which work as messengers through blood. What are happy hormones? Among all the hormones present in our body some are happy hormones which help us to feel good, and uplifts our moods & well being. … Read more

Best time to consume milk?

Milk is always considered to be the most important for our body and health. We commonly hear that we must drink milk from doctors, teachers and elders but nobody told us what’s the best time to consume milk. Through this article we’ll let you know the best time to consume milk. Why is milk important? … Read more

How does stress age our body?

In humans there are two types of ages they go through chronological age and biological age. Chronological age tells us the age of our body in numbers/years and Biological age tells us what our body itself feels about its age. Stress directly affects our biological age very badly as the stress increases in our body … Read more

What is bilirubin?

Bilirubin is a byproduct forming in our body after the breakdown of old red blood cells. As the red blood cells are produced in our body with the time and as the red blood cells get old they break down into pieces and these pieces are known as the bilirubins. After breaking down bilirubins are … Read more