What is Lyme disease?

Lyme diseases caused due to the bacteria called borrelia burgdorferi, lyme disease is very rarely found in india. Every year 3-4 thousands cases are registered in India for lyme disease. It is most commonly found in America and 30-40 thousand cases are registered every year. The first case of lyme disease was also captured in … Read more

What is peripheral artery disease?

In our body blood pumping is done by the heart, when it pumps blood it supplies to all the parts of the body. Blood travels through the blood vessels are called arteries. Whole network of the artery in the body is divided into three different parts such as, stomach, chest, brain and periphery which includes … Read more

What is motion sickness?

Whenever we are traveling or we are in a motion we experience nausea, vomiting and sweating and the condition is called motion sickness. When our body is moving or is in any type of movement, our brain gets information from three different places: what is the adjective position of our head. As we said, the … Read more

What is a food coma?

Food coma is a type of condition or disease that produces symptoms of laziness, weakness, sleepiness and tiredness immediately after having our lunch.  We often experience or notice in our family after having our lunch meal we feel sleepy and tired enough. We feel like no energy is left in the body to do our … Read more

What are mumps?

Mumps is a disease caused due to a virus called RNA, this virus gets transmitted from one person to another through air. If the affected person sneezes, coughs or breaths, the virus gets involved with air and while inhaling it can cause people standing nearby. Mumps usually affect the glands present on both sides of … Read more