Best time to consume milk?

Milk is always considered to be the most important for our body and health. We commonly hear that we must drink milk from doctors, teachers and elders but nobody told us what’s the best time to consume milk. Through this article we’ll let you know the best time to consume milk.

Why is milk important?

Milk provides various benefits to our health and body in various ways. And milk has been considered most essential for childrens, young and old age people also. Drinking milk daily has vast health benefits such as:

  • Milk contains good amounts of calcium and vitamin D which strengthens the bones and teeths.
  • It helps in the growth of muscles as the protein available in milk provides amino acid and amino acids help in muscle repair and other muscle benefits.
  • It is a drink to make comfortable bedtime as it contains tryptophan that is essential for a better sleep cycle.
  • It helps in the overall hydration of body
  • Proteins in milk makes us feel satisfied and full.

Best time to consume milk?

Milk makes you sleep better as it contains a bioactive enzyme called tryptophan. Many people consume milk for better sleep before going to bed and no doubt this is a good idea and beneficial before the age of 30 years. 

Once you cross the age of 30 you must stop the consumption of milk during the night. As the production of enzymes forming in our small intestine gets decreased and up of that if we consume milk at night the digestion of milk directly goes into the large intestine, which cause digestive issues and other stomach related problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acidity, gastritis etc.

People under 30 years can consume milk anytime in the morning, day or night. For them the consumption of milk is safe and secure at every time period of the day and they’ll get all the benefits of milk without any side effects.

Ideal quantity of milk to consume

The quantity of milk we consume is very important. Sometimes parents also make mistakes while serving milk to their kids, they may give enough quantity of milk at a time which can cause health issues. 

The ideal quantity of milk consumption in a day is 2-3 cups only. The quantity of milk consumption also depends upon the quality of milk you’re taking. If the milk you’re drinking is full cream then take 1-2 cups of milk in a day, to maintain your body weight. Excess of anything is always worse and large amounts of milk consumption can pull you into a health problem. 

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